Want to try aikido?
Oslo Aikido club welcomes new members each semester in January and August. Every Monday and Thursday, we especially focus on exercises and techniques for beginners. There will be a steady progression throughout the semester.

Who is aikido suitable for?
Aikido is practised by women and men of all ages. There are no requirements for stamina or muscularity. You will notice that you get fitter over time. Oslo Aikido club currently has no separate sessions for children, but we can help with recommendations.

What should I wear?
Aikido practitioners train in a “gi” – a white budo uniform similar to those you use in judo and other martial arts. At first training it’s however sufficient with regular workout clothes like sweatpants and T-shirt. We train barefoot and without jewelry or sharp objects. Put on something you are comfortable in!

How is your training?
A regular exercise starts with half an hour of warm-up, breathing and stretching exercises, and ukemi (rolling exercises). Then we do different techniques in pairs. In a beginner session we spend plenty of time to demonstrate and explain.

How much does it cost?
All beginners get the first session for free. If you wish to continue the membership fee is 2400, – per semester
( 1500 ,- per semester for members below the age of 20). You will also have the opportunity to buy a “gi” at a discounted price through the club.

When can I start?
The easiest way to start for a novice is in late August or January. However, it’s always possible to start midsemester for those who can’t wait, but then it can be an advantage with a little experience in martial arts, yoga, dance or similar. 

The next startup for beginners is Monday the 24th August, but it is possible to start mid semester for those who can’t wait. No registration necessary, just come and join. Contact us for more info.