Report from seminar with Kuribayashi shihan in Oslo September 2019

For the sixth time, Kuribayashi Shihan came from Hombu Dojo in Tokyo to Oslo to teach us. We had visitors from around the country as well as from abroad.

This year also, Kuribayashi Shihan was gracious enough to hold a black belt training on Friday morning in OAK’s dojo at Hasle before the main seminar. It was of course great to yet again have a Hombu instructor in our dojo, and very good keiko for all the yudansha people. Afterwards, there was lunch in the dojo.

As usual it was intensive practice, and good atmosphere on the mat during the regular seminar. The main message from Kuribayashi Shihan was that one had to develop as an aikidoka with a larger repertoire and greater weight. He compared it to white bread and dark bread, where the former is a lighter and less rich variety of bread, while the latter is heavier and more rich.

Thanks to Kuribayashi Shihan for teaching, to Hombu dojo, and to all participants for contributing to a great seminar and helping with the mat carrying before and after the seminar! And last but not least, thanks to NKF for the support! Without them, the seminar would not have been possible.

View pictures from the seminar here. All the photographies are taken by Marcel Booms and Erik Vanem.

Guest Instructor in Oslo Aikido Dojo

Thursday 12th september 2019 Kaori Tachibana (4th dan) from Hombu Dojo will be guest instructor in Oslo Aikido Dojo.

She is visiting in connection with Kuribayashi Shihans seminar next weekend.

A short Bio:

She started practicing Aikido in Hombu Dojo in 2002. At hombu, she have practiced under Doshu and many sensei’s, and have participated in many seminars both overseas and in Japan. She have taught briefly in a local dojo in Japan, but this will be her first trip to Oslo and she is looking forward to seeing and learning from many students at Oslo Aikido Club.

Easter holiday

Next week there is Easter holiday, and in Easter week there will only be training on
Monday. There will be training on Monday, April 15 at the usual time, and the rest of
week we keep closed. We also keep closed Monday 22 April (2. Easter Sunday), but opens again on Tuesday 23 April. Happy Easter Holiday!