Report from seminar with Matti Joensuu in Oslo 16th to 18th november 2018

Visiting Oslo for about the 8th time in a row it feels like a good tradition to meet Matti Juensuu Sensei on the mat of our Dojo.

Once again, around 20 aikidokas have had the privilege to have basic practices in the ‘soft way’ of aikido. We all would like to thank Matti for his patience this weekend, trying to teach us the basics of this ‘soft way’ of aikido.

Born in Finland, Matti started practicing Aikido in 1979. After 37 years of study he is now considered one of the most representative Deshi’s (direct disciple) of Seishiro Endo Shihan in Europe. He has lived in Villach, Austria for a couple of years now, where he has his own Dojo and practice group.

Oslo Aikido Klubb is very proud to have the tradition that Matti visits Oslo Aikido Klubb in the automn every year.

According to Matti, the work description for Tori is:
• Do as less as possible (it is Uke that’s doing the work for you)
• Melt your senter with the senter of Uke
• The very first second you meet Uke is the most important moment of defense (and contact)
• Try to control the feet of Uke through his/her senter (Uke has to lose control of his/her balance)
• Get the (attacking) force down
• Defend (or attack) as a cat (towards and up)
• Attack as a dog (away and downwards)
NOT BOTH (at the same time)!
• Relax, there’s nothing to worry about, every attack is appointet
• Move where your partner is NOT
• Move at first the biggest parts of your body (Center), thereafter the smaller parts (arms, hands)
• Touch your Uke as if water is running, you need no more …

Written by Marcel Booms

View pictures from the seminar here. All the photographies are taken by Erik Vanem.