About us

Oslo Aikido Dojo was founded in Oslo on June 16. 2003 by Erik Vanem and Pedram Bagheri. We are located in Eikenga 17 between Hasle and Økern. We have classes four times a week.


In addition to the ordinary training program, we organize annual seminars with Takanori Kuribayashi (7th dan Shihan Hombu Dojo). Every second year we organize the Oslo Aikido festival with instructors from all the Oslo dojos.

The logo at the upper left corner of the web page is the trademark of Oslo Aikido Dojo and is designed by the club. The official opening and first practice were held on July 18. 2003 in the club’s first dojo located at Alexander Kiellands Plass. In 2004 we moved to Bryn where we stayed for 12 years. In 2016 we moved to our current location at Eikenga, between Hasle and Økern. We train in spacious facilities and have showers, wardrobes and a small recreational area. The mat area is about 140 square meters with traditional tatami.

The dojo’s highest authority is the general assembly, which appoints the members of the executive board. Day-to-day management is done by two committees: the executive board and the instructor committee. The executive board is responsible for day-to-day operations, while the instructor committee is responsible for the technical aspects of Aikido such as grading and instruction.

New members are welcome throughout the year. Payment of membership fee, 375,- NOK  to Oslo Aikido Dojo gives the right to participate in all regular classes. It also includes membership in the Norwegian Aikido Federation and covers insurance. Guests from other dojos are always welcome to join in exchange for a small mat fee.
In addition one pays for the training season, which is 2400,- NOK per semester (or 1500,-  NOK below the age of 20). Visitors who are active members of other dojos pay a mat fee of 75,- NOK per visit.


Payment options
Pay cash in class onsite to the responsible trainer or cashier.
Transfer directly to our bank account. Remember to apply full name, and please specify what you’re paying for. Details below.
VIPPS to the number 12423 (please specify what you’re paying for when using Vipps.
Note! It costs 2,5% of the transferred amount to use Vipps to sports clubs, so please add 2,5% of the amount when paying with VIPPS

Bankaccount of the club:      1645 0763 857 (DnB)
IBAN:                                       NO74 1645 0763 857
BIC (SWIFT-adresse):             DNBANOKKXXX
Recepient:                               Oslo Aikido Klubb
Recipient’s address:              Eikenga 17, 0597 Oslo, Norway

Membership in umbrella organizations
Oslo Aikido Dojo is a member of Norwegian Aikido Federation and therein affiliated with Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan and the International Aikido Federation (IAF). We are also members of NKF and therein also The Norwegian Sports Federations (NIF). Oslo Aikido Dojo is registered voluntarily in Brønnøysund and has the organisation number 985 817 162. The statutes of the Dojo can be found here.

Rental possibilities
We have available capacity to rent our dojo to interested parties, please contact us for more information.