Holiday and summer 2019

It is already June and the summer is fast approaching.

We hold regular trainings three times a week until
June 27. Then we have two trainings – Monday and Thursday – the first
week in July. Then we keep the summer closed until we start
again in august.

We have a summer party on Friday 21 June. There will be invitation soon, but keep this evening free if you want to participate. If the weather is nice we can be out and have a

The second week of July is the union’s summer camp at Brandbu and all
is encouraged to attend it. Information and registration can be found at NAF
their websites:

We start up again after the summer with two trainings on August 12 (Monday
and Thursday). Then we start up with three times a week again from 19.
August and out the year. The official beginner’s start will be Monday 26 August. Then
We hope for many new members, so please feel free to contact us
us to recruit new members. Training times for the autumn semester will
be like this spring.

Remnding also of the training camp with Ariga sensei in our own dojo
next weekend (14-16 June). Ariga is a very skilled instructor and
Keeping fun trainings and exercising with him
home. Don’t miss this opportunity and meet up. Info here:

Have a nice summer!