Welcome to Oslo Aikido Dojo

Oslo Aikido Dojo welcomes all new members to train with us at any time, regardless of skill, from beginner to advanced.

Aikido is japanese martial art with pins and throws. Aikido develops you physically and mentally, and gives you energy. Everyone can train Aikido together.

We practice regularly at our new dojo in Eikenga 17 at Økern. We have vacant time in our dojo and would like to rent some time at our premises for other activities. Come by for a free trial or check out our schedule. Please read more about training for beginners here, or contact us for more information. The next startup for beginners is Monday the 26th of August, and the following weeks, but it is possible to start mid semester for those who can’t wait. Link to PDF poster here

Link to facebookevent beginners

Guest Instructor in Oslo Aikido Dojo

Thursday 12th september 2019 Kaori Tachibana (4th dan) from Hombu Dojo will be guest instructor in Oslo Aikido Dojo.

She is visiting in connection with Kuribayashi Shihans seminar next weekend.

A short Bio:

She started practicing Aikido in Hombu Dojo in 2002. At hombu, she have practiced under Doshu and many sensei’s, and have participated in many seminars both overseas and in Japan. She have taught briefly in a local dojo in Japan, but this will be her first trip to Oslo and she is looking forward to seeing and learning from many students at Oslo Aikido Club.