Treninger sommer/høst 2022


Siste trening før sommeren blir torsdag 30.6 (Uke 26)

Trening gjennom sommeren:

          Uke 26/27 sommerleir NAF 
(lørdag 2. juli – torsdag 7. juli)
Uke 27 ingen treninger i dojoen!
          Uke 28 
mandag 11.7. v/Jozef + Erik og torsdag 14.7. v/Marius + Thy Thy
          Uke 29 stengt = ingen treninger!
          Uke 30 stengt = ingen treninger!

Uke 31 mandag 1.8. og torsdag 4.8. => v/Jozef
Uke 32 mandag 8.8. og torsdag 11.8. => v/Odd
    Uke 33 mandag 15.8. => v/Jozef + Koert + torsdag 18.8. => v/Odd + Thy Thy
             Uke 34 mandag 22.8. – oppstart ordinære treninger
Uke 35 mandag 29.8. – oppstart nybegynnerkurs

Høstsemesteret 2022

Trener på mandager: Jozef + assistent: Koert
Trener på tirsdager: Odd – våpentrening kl. 18:30-19:30 (1 time) + aikido uten våpen
kl. 19:30-20:30 (1 time) + assistent: Peter
Trener på torsdager: Erik + assistent: Gaber

Bachelorette party at Oslo Aikido Dojo!

On Saturday June 4th, Oslo Aikido Dojo held a class for a bachelorette party from Brumunddal. The bride, Marte Kurud, is very interested in Japanese culture, and she got a pleasant surprise with aikido training in a keikogi and hakama. There were 10 keen participants on the mat, who had never tried aikido before. The class was led by Erik Vanem with Marius Hatlen and Thy Thy Vanem as assistants. The participants tried many variations of shihonage. They also got to try tachi-dori. Everyone seemed to be having fun on the mat and everyone was doing fine!

Welcome to Oslo Aikido Dojo

Oslo Aikido Dojo welcomes new practicioners to join us at any time, regardless of skill, from beginner to advanced.

Aikido is a japanese martial art with pins and throws. Aikido develops you physically and mentally, and gives you energy. Everyone can train Aikido together.

We practice regularly at our dojo in Eikenga 17 at Økern (link). Please come by for a free trial or check out our schedule (link). Read more about training for beginners here (link) (link), or contact us (link) for more information. We also have information on Facebook.

We have vacant time (link) to rent in our dojo for other groups and activities.